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"I have been training with Andy for just over 2 months. I am incredibly fit compared to when I started, when climbing the stairs was an effort! I have lost weight and toned up, so that my clothes fit much better. Andy encourages me and motivates me. He makes me work extremely hard, but I feel fantastic, and very proud after every session."

Andrea Holton


"The residents and staff of Nazareth House are very pleased with the service they receive from Andy Graham. He is very mannerly, and has a great understanding of the needs of the residents."

Sister Catherine Teresa

"I am very happy with session I have had. Andy is very professional in his manner and knows how to develop your fitness at the correct rate. He makes exercising a pleasure. I would recommend his service in particular if you want lose some weight, along with getting fit. I have lost 3 stone in five months with his help."

Natalie Faulkner


"I am delighted with the service provided by Andy, and recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight or tone up."

Steve Nightingale


"Andy Graham was just a name that I picked out of the Yellow Pages, as I was desperate to lose weight and improve my fitness. I am glad that I chose Inner Strength, as Andy is doing the job I that I asked him to do. He has been very friendly, patient (even on my bad days), tolerant and knowledgeable. He has varied the routines well. Andy is able to cater for all kinds of fitness and size of people he trains. I certainly recommend Andy for anyone who wishes to alter their lifestyle."

Rebecca Dilley