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The principles of fitness training are no different and no less important for older adults.

Some people will naturally be extremely active whereas some may be slightly less active due to health problems or if recovering from an operation. Some people view the latter years as a time to relax which is fine but it is important to avoid becoming completely inactive.

Andy specialises in this area, and has developed techniques to improve fitness for all ages. He is currently visiting three residential homes within Northamptonshire. The oldest person Andy has trained was 100 in 2004. He has been very successful with a chair based programme, designed for inactive individuals. He is also teaching a number of over 50`s classes.

The principles of fitness training for older adults are no different to that of anybody else. It is still important to warm the joints up thoroughly before training, a full body workout can be achieved with careful planning, and flexibility can be improved. Obviously, the intensity will be lower than that of a sports person, for example, but just because an individual is over a certain age, it does not mean they cannot improve their fitness.

In most cases posture will improve, as the muscles in the back and shoulders strengthen. Certain diseases become more prevalent with age, such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Exercise can help to control these conditions to a degree. Another important factor for over 50`s fitness is balance. The main reason for balance training is to prevent the risk of falling.

It is a sad fact that when a muscle is not used for a period of time, it wastes away. Andy has gained considerable experience in this field, and believes that fitness training is extremely beneficial for anybody who is currently inactive. The danger for this particular age group is a lack of activity. This only leads to the individual losing the strength in their legs, therefore depending on a wheelchair or outside help.

Andy feels very strongly about this area of personal training, and he welcomes any queries regarding fitness for older adults. If you would like to take it a step further and hire Andy to draw up a fitness programme for you own development please do not hesitate to call. Quite often, a couple of sessions with Andy can guide you in the right direction. You can take control of your own fitness with a little help.